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So i did what any eating disordered blogger with poor boundaries would do: i asked twitter. And subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I’d completely forgotten what it felt like to be nauseous. At least that’s the line my therapist sells me when i start complaining about how it’s been almost four years since i last took a drink or snorted a line, and yet i’m still fucked up when it comes to sex, finances, food and probably a bunch of other stuff i’m not even recovered enough to be aware of yet. After about 8 deep my bro in all of his infinite wisdom decides it would be glorious to shotgun a 24oz can of bud light. Il 20 giugno del 1980 a chicago si tenne la prima assoluta di un film destinato a lasciare un’impronta indelebile nella storia della musica e della settima arte: “the blues. Tea fucks you up.

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Se il mondo dell’hip-hop fosse una grande famiglia, j. My bro and i kill ours in 4 seconds, and then a random bro-hater only gets halfway through his before he stops and complains about the quality of beer. All too many people confuse their illnesses with idiosyncrasies, especially a phobia of something like puke, which grosses most people out.