Is reflex peristalsis an orgasm

Role of pelvic floor muscles in female orgasmic response | scitechnol

The fight-or-flight response was first described by walter bradford cannon. As a disturbance of the vegetative innervation of individual organs or organ systems (e. While every reasonable effort is made to ensure that the information provided is accurate, no guarantees for the currency or accuracy of information are made. Responses such as sweat gland release, blood flow, and gut peristalsis. Lloyd said scientists had insisted on finding an evolutionary function for female orgasm in humans either because they were invested in believing that women’s sexuality must exactly parallel that of men or because they were convinced that all traits had to be “adaptations,” that is, serve an evolutionary function. Their motor impulses mediate.

The physiology of sexual arousal in the human female: a recreational and procreational synthesis | springerlinkAutonomic nervous system overview - dantest

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Simonian started his private psychiatric practice in milford, massachusetts in 1984 and he was a chief of psychiatry department of milford regional hospital for several years. He knew that he was expressing an overwhelming anger which he had kept locked up in himself for decades.