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Why drug, alcohol abuse and risky sexual behaviour has become a norm among kenyan youth - entertainment news

To help kenyan girls and women at risk of sexual assault and violence due to the drought. Thank you for being part of the women & girls community. We’re looking forward to celebrating the next victory, the declaration that police must effect existing laws,” says sampson. Tourism is one of kenya’s most important economic sectors, accounting for 10 percent of the country’s gdp. I approach the white tourists and ask if they are looking for a young girl or boy for sex,” explained musangi.

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Training takes place from april 29th-may 7th, with the generous help fof the. The organisation brought together chidi and her team on the frontline, social workers and a group of lawyers from around the world to look at ways in which the kenyan government could be held to account. I would get her into the counseling room and, once i closed the door, she would start shaking.