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Her bottom for a good, hard spanking. This duality leads on an intriguing, if not totally amusing, conundrum with feminists proclaiming that women can be the equal of any man so long as they are protected from men! You can find whips or even riding crops in all sorts of lengths and styles. Sometimes, if there is something that comes up which in the past would usually cause me to lose my temper and start a big fight, he will give a warning or remind me of the spanking and it makes me stop in my tracks. As a result, there is a bigger gap between when girl first become interested in sex and when they are willing to consider making a commitment. Beyond a couple of light-hearted slaps here and there that casually acknowledge me as being the leader in our relationship (which feels natural to both of us) there is no need for regular punishments. A more mature woman is better off finding someone interested in her, for who she is, rather than seeking out a disciplinarian.

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It also reinforces messages children receive about getting along and consequences. Men who want to do that to women are wishing she was a guy. Explaining the role of spanking is a successful relationship is easy.