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Some things are only found on facebook. Then she came back and asked if we wanted another, looked at my wife and it was a “yes”. One of the guys was rock hard, and i was rubbing my ass against him. If you do not think stripping is sex work, than you are likely a patron or a victim of the sex trade, which capitalizes on exploiting women as well as men, and a contributor to the trafficking of human persons. If she needs space, she can sleep on the couch. Parameters should have been discussed & agreed upon sober. A part of me assumed he was a widower.

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It was probable she wasn’t even into your wife’s drunken groping. If my wife ever tried to keep our kids from me for a reason like this i would challenge her. Sometimes that “nugget” is that they are unhappy/bored/tired of you, and are just making up an excuse to start fights and get you out of their life without looking like the bad guy.