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Mdma is a definite. In women, the uterine and vaginal arteries are provided with rich cholinergic innervation. Nitrous doesn’t seem obviously sexual in any way, and it’s far more profound than any orgasm i ever had. It enhances muscle mass and tone, as well as memory and immune function. Without sufficient ach, muscle movement would be tenuous, and sexual activity would be sluggish instead of energetic. Researchers found that one-third of women who had sex during a migraine (brave souls!) got relief from their crushing headache. Orgasm is less likely in women with spinal cord injury and correlates poorly with the type of injury [.

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These results suggest that vaginal contraction may be under cholinergic control while vaginal lengthening or enlargement may relate to striated muscle contraction. On many occasions i experienced it as a sort of ultimate release from reality. These arteries give off the cavernous artery and the artery to the bulb.