Smokeless tobacco effects on sperm

Effects of nicotine on sperm characteristics and fertility profile in adult male rats: a possible role of cessation

Ghaffari and rostami [. The highest incidence of oral cancer in india is reported in assam and the north eastern region of india, where it is the second leading cancer among men and third among women [. A smokeless tobacco preparation is highly popular in southern assam. The results of this investigation demonstrated that nicotine has deleterious effects on the reproductive functions of male rats, sufficient to cause reversible infertility. In somatic cells and oocytes, dna is packaged by proteins known as histones. Semen was squeezed on a pre-warmed slide, two drops of warm 2.

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], smoking remains a worldwide phenomenon. The recovery group of 0. Exhaled mainstream smoke is the smoke that escapes into the environment after it is drawn through the cigarette, filtered by the smoker’s lungs, and exhaled.

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